Everything is a reflection of who you are being.


Are you being someone who completely trusts that the universe organizes around your energy?
Are you being someone who cares for your body with patience and devotion?
Are you being someone who thinks and speaks kindly about yourself and others?



Hi there...I'm Noelle Cellini.

Two years ago I transitioned to a natural, harmonious lifestyle.

  • I stopped putting chemicals on my body.
  • Began eating 100% vegan
  • Started trusting my intuition to guide me toward greater personal and professional abundance.

As a result, I've transitioned from a size 8 to a size 4. I've had my 17 year gluten allergy "disappear", and I've attracted a dream job, which has evolved my career in a very meaningful way.

I'm still my city-dwelling, makeup-wearing, food-loving, stylish, modern self. I've simply lifted the veil of traditional and tired profit-driven information, so I can clearly see what I really need—to live an abundant and beautiful life...naturally.


Lifting The Veil is on a mission to redefine what it looks and feels like to live harmoniously with the wisdom of the universe, the wisdom of nature, and the wisdom of your body. 


I've collected my best resources and most trusted friends to share everything we've learned and are continuing to discover about designing a clean and meaningful lifestyle—from head to toe, inside and out.