Let's jumpstart your journey to harmony, health and spirituality!

Whether it’s navigating the world of natural health (no drugs or synthetics), improving your diet, interpreting spiritual guidance, or even starting your own business, I can help you narrow your focus, tell you where to begin, and introduce you to the right resources and contacts.

Health Consulting

I’m passionate about helping “lift the veil” on the body’s ability to heal itself and getting to the root cause of ailments.  It takes more than one liver or heavy metal cleanse to get to the root cause of allergies, insomnia or unexplained weight gain, but cleansing the body, along with increased nutrition from fruits and veggies, can lead to more energy, better sleep, less aches and pains & better immunity.

I can help you navigate this world.  I’m here to keep you motivated and focused on your journey!

I can also help you grocery shop, introduce you to easy & healthy recipes, show you where to find the best products (organic sprouted almond butter, organic sprouted lentils – which cook in 4 minutes!), or help you switch to non-toxic cookwear, beauty products, or home good items. 



Spiritual Mentor

Coaching, guidance, whatever you want to call it, we all need a little help listening to that inner voice (the positive one). 

Whether it’s as simple as learning how to journal or understanding how to ask for help from your angels & guides, I can help you learn how to get in touch with your intuition, strengthen your intuitive abilities (it’s a skill after all), interpret signs, and keep you motivated on your journey to make your visions come to life!



Let's Talk Business
Are you confused on how to make your passion a reality?  Want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know where to begin? 

I can help you identify your passions and get you set up with the right resources from building a website to finding a business coach.  I'll also help you narrow your focus so you don't get overwhelmed with the idea of having to be a blogger, an entrepreneur, a networker, or worry about always posting something on social media.  The right clients will find you - you don't have to be on 5 platforms at once.  Getting started is all that matters. 

1 – 1.5 hour phone consultation with 2 weeks of unlimited email support


Online Courses
The beauty of an online course is you can access it from anywhere, at any time.  I’ve put together two courses to help you on your health and spiritual journey that you can start now. 

5 Ways to Reduce the Toxins in Your Life Right Now
While detoxing is essential in the 21st century, (even polar bears, the ones with the cleanest air and water are now getting “human diseases”), the first step is to reduce the amount of toxins entering your body.

This course will help you:

  • Reduce the toxins in your bath, shower and drinking water

  • Learn how to start your day (and digestion) off on the right foot by adding greens to your morning routine

  • Incorporate anti-inflammatory recipes that are quick and easy (even for the “non-cook”)

  • Easily negate electronic magnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, TVs, which can alter DNA and zap your energy

  • Make the switch to non-toxic beauty and cleaning products (that actually work!)



Be Your Own Guru – Starting Your Spiritual Journey & How to Listen and Interpret Your Inner Guidance
Your soul is always guiding you towards love, joy, health and abundance, but in order to hear it, you must get quiet, recognize the signs (repeating numbers, animals that cross your path, songs on the radio), and learn how to follow them.

This course will help you:

  • Understand the power of meditation

  • Learn how to ask for help from your angels & guides

  • Find great books to guide you along your spiritual journey

  • Learn how to use oracle cards

  • Begin journaling to see how it can help you open up to your intuition

  • Interpret messages such as repeating numbers, songs that get stuck in your head, or dreams

  • Learn how to ground and clear your energy

  • Incorporate easy, make-ahead meals that help you to become a clear channel for guidance

  • Connect with other spiritual teachers who can help explain other spiritual connections, provide a numerology reading, assess your astrological chart, identify vitamin & mineral deficiencies in the body, or cut cords from family members and past relationships