I'm a professional stylist, world traveller, vegan-thriving, Paris-loving, Chicago-living, crystal toting, angel believing, and universe trusting Noelle Cellini.

Over the past few years I've come to completely believe that our natural state is love, joy, health and abundance. Anything other than that is a clue we're out of alignment.  

I'm on a journey of designing a new way of living. One that is different from who I was before.


I've embraced non-toxic beauty products. And guess what? I can still be a red head, wear bright lipstick, use heavenly smelling body washes with luxurious “suds”, and whip up batches of natural laundry detergent that truly gets out stains.  


I've cut animal products out of my life. And I still get enough protein, calcium, iron, and minerals.

I now use combinations of herbs (cleanses that naturopathtic doctors have been using waaaaaaay longer than drugs, which are synthetic and were only introduced about 100 years ago) to help treat the root causes of mysterious discomforts that I struggled healing with traditional pharmaceuticals my whole life. Long story short, my 17+ year gluten allergy disappeared and my mom’s cataracts and arthritis completely vanished as well (she's alongside me on the journey).


I now pay attention to the “signs” all around—leading me back to alignment when I stray: feathers, repeating numbers, colors, meditations, songs on the radio, overheard “random” conversations...situations that seem random but are actually part of a larger web of intelligence that is organizing for me, and for you.

I'm trusting my intuition to gently guide me as I let go of a limiting thoughts and shift into a new energy.

As a result, I truly love my life, career, and relationships. (I believe I manifested a dream job and a dream man...truly).

Let me be clear...all of this did not happen overnight. This kind of change is big and there were moments filled with tears, frustration, and negative numbers in my bank account. But I did the deep personal work of changing what my intuition nudged me to change.

“Knowledge is learned.
Wisdom is remembered.”

If you are reading this, then something has pulled you here.  

Perhaps it’s a blog post you are supposed to read, a video you are meant to watch, or a blog comment that's just what you needed to see today.

Maybe you've been secretly craving some one-on-one guidance to help you make some deep and meaningful transitions in your life.

Perhaps you desire to join our team of contributors and share your wisdom.

Or maybe you'd love the experience of curling up on a Saturday morning with a cup of tea and one of my online courses. Whatever your reason. Welcome.

I hope to inspire and nudge you forward as you lift the veil that has been clouding your ability to see what's truly and vibrantly possible for your life.

- Noelle