Everyday Magic Jar - A Great Way to Live in the Moment


It is a challenge to live in the moment (ever hit your shin on the side of a table or bed?  The shin represents not living in the moment… I have the marks to prove it!:) 

At the beginning of 2017, I started what I call an Everyday Magic Jar.

I wanted to acknowledge all the little (and big) things to be thankful for....

...from having my Harper's Bazaar arrive in the mail (I love that magazine)

...finding my favorite grocery story items on sale (exactly when I go to buy them)

...a friend buying me lunch

...getting a new, fun client

...opening up the most perfect avocado - no brown spots, none of those weird strings (yes!  This was one of my everyday magic entries!  It was a magical avocado... :)

A friend told me the other day her "everyday magic" was being able to walk to work "in between the raindrops" as it stopped raining just long enough for her to get to work - good hair day intact!  Definitely some everyday magic. 

I re-used a plastic container from Whole Foods.  Use whatever you have - a bowl, a vase.

I re-used a plastic container from Whole Foods.  Use whatever you have - a bowl, a vase.

Doing this makes you aware of how much you are being supported (even if it is just a perfectly ripe avocado).  It also...

...helps you to stay positive
...strengthens your faith that you are always being guided
....gets you into the vibration of gratitude, which shows the Universe you are ready for more good things

And while I plan to read every single note card at the end of year as a great way to reflect on all the magic and outside support that happened in my life, here's an added little bonus -

I have also reached into the jar and pulled out a few “random” note cards whenever I needed a pick me up or boost of faith. 

Try this for yourself, or each time you get together with family (a great way to avoid negativity and get people to focus on the positive), or with your children (at the beginning and end of the school year).  The possibilities are endless.

Comment and let me know if you're going to start an everyday magic jar or something magical that has happened in your life today.  I would love to hear!

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