Quick Inspiration : You Can Only Hold One Thought In Your Mind


Knowing this has helped me shifted my thinking when I need a kick in the positive pants! 

Here are some ways to get yourself out of a negative loop.

  • Going for a walk/getting outside - Nature is immensely calming (it's filled with negative ions, which gives us energy, while many other things emit or prevent us absorbing negative ions like synthetic fabrics, computers, cell phones, TVs, air conditioning, and closed spaces). 

    Get.  Outside. 
  • Music - Positive dance music is great, but for me, I've found listening to music that vibrates at a calming frequency for the body (such as 432hz, which creates harmony in nature and our cells), very effective. 

Try one of these YouTube Channels for healing music or download some to your phone. 

I have a playlist of 4 songs that are in total, about 11 minutes long, that help me stay grounded each day (I just searched for "songs at 432hz" and downloaded whatever sounded pleasant :)

  • Working out - Just a few minutes can get those positive endorphins flowing (it doesn't have to be a "whole" workout session).
  • Talk to a friend - Talking to a friend can lend you a new perspective.  They can calm you down and pick you up. 

While a bubble bath is great, it may not be as distracting as you need.  A friend, a walk, a few minutes on the bike or listening to music can get your mind out of the negative loop.... and that's all you need because you can only hold 1 thought at a time! :)

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