How The Angels Show Up Once You Ask For Help


One late summer evening, I was going to see a play my dear friend Trevor had written and put together (yes, he's uber talented!).  The play was being held in his apartment, not far from an el stop in Chicago. 

Trevor knew I would be coming by myself and he told me that the el stop could be a little shady. 

I thanked him for the heads up and made sure to ask my angels to protect me as I made my way to his apartment. 

His street was about 4 blocks from the el stop. 

It was a beautiful late summer evening, but at 8:15pm, it was already dark. 

Once I got off the el (and made sure I was heading in the right direction), I said a quick prayer to my angels, something like this,

“To my angels, please keep me safe as I make my way to Trevor’s apartment.  Thank you for watching over me.”

Yes, it was that simple, quick and informal. 

After I asked for their help, I continued on my way. 

I didn’t worry, look around frantic in every direction, or stop and wait for a sign – I simply believed they had heard my prayer and were already with me, protecting me. 

I had about 2 more blocks to walk when all of a sudden, an unmarked cop car pulled in the alley and parked right in front of where I was walking!  Two female police officers got out and casually walked into the pizza parlor.  The pizza parlor was at the corner of Trevor’s street!

I had made it safely and the angels had sent the cops my way… partly as protection, but also as confirmation that they were with me, keeping me safe!

Of course the story doesn’t end there as I had to make the same scary walk back to the el stop after the play was over. 

Only 6 people were allowed to come to each performance since Trevor’s apartment is very small. 

I quickly found out that one of the attendees lived in the same neighborhood as me so I asked if he was taking the el home and he said yes! 

A big, tall guy to walk and ride the el home with late at night?!  Wow – my angels showed up big time!

But the interesting part about this story is that each time they sent me different people or things to protect me – it wasn’t a police car both times or the big guy walking me to the el. 

And, once I asked for help, I let go and trusted that it would show up. 

I didn’t know how, but I trusted they would do it… even if it was just putting a bubble of energy around me (and not physically sending the cop car or the guy who lived in my same neighborhood). 

Your angels always hear you. 

Your prayers are always being responded to, but sometimes there is a lapse in time when you receive the answer. 

It doesn’t mean it isn’t working, but just like asking for help finding your soul mate, having a baby, or getting your dream job....

...they're not going to tell you to go to a specific coffee shop and your dream partner is going to be waiting (or to play number 18, 24, 10 in the lotto). 

What they are going to do is send you a person so you can learn something that you will use when you are finally with your soul mate....or having a baby, at your dream job etc. 

With money, they might guide you to do a video, write a blog post (that will later go viral!), or yes, even work with a difficult client that will PREP you for your big opportunity. 

The key is to make the changes (not fight them), so you can get to the next level, ie where you want to be with your job, relationship, bank account and more.  If you never make the changes (release old beliefs, limiting thoughts about your talent or what you deserve), you won't get to the next part.  The same experiences will keep recycling.

And remember, you can ask for help with anything - big or small. 

I’ve asked for help with...
...opening a heavy door (and a gust of window came and swung the door open!)

...carrying heavy suitcases over the steps and through the cobblestone streets of Venice (someone came up to me and offered to help)

...healing loved ones

...finding my soul mate

...getting someone to email me back

...finding the right vitamin supplements

How have the angels showed up your life?  What do you need help with?  Share below and let's see what comes through!

I had to get used to asking for help - and not just for healing - help with working out a miscommunication, opening a door with groceries in my hand and more.  It has now become a regular part of my life! :)

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