Why the name, Lifting the Veil?

This site didn't start out with the name, Lifting the Veil.  In fact, I had bought a different domain - Undiscovered Luxury.

It changed when my energy worker told me my body - my soul, didn't like the name.  So over the phone, we brainstormed some ideas.  With her pendulum, she would tell me which words were a "yes" and which ones were a "no". 

While the name changed, the core idea stayed the same – to share things, books, resources, advice, inspiration and stories that only seem undiscovered, but in actuality, these methods of achieving harmony, health & spirituality are hundreds of thousands of years old.  Lifting the Veil helps bring them to light.

But what does Lifting the Veil mean? 

The veil refers to the many different “veils” we pick as we go through life. 

Some are from past lives (lessons we haven’t worked through yet), while others are ones we pick up in this lifetime from our childhood, family, friends, work experiences, things that happened at school, beliefs around dating, money, our culture and more. 

I can’t tell you how many different veils there are because, simply, I don’t know. 

A person could have hundreds or thousands, but the idea is to remove these ideas and beliefs, (that earning money has to be hard (this was a big one for me), needing milk from another animal for strong bones, that disappointments are a part of life, that there isn’t enough for everyone, that good guys finish last etc.), which brings us back to our natural state which is love, joy, health and abundance.  Anything outside of that shows we are out of alignment.   


Alignment is what manifests all of your desires.  Vision boards are great.  Positive affirmations are good too, but coming into alignment with your truest self – your soul – is when money, romance, health become effortless – because it is your natural state.  We were not put here to struggle.  We are meant to thrive, but we must remove the veils (limiting thoughts and beliefs), that keep us from that. 

The veil is thickest here on earth – more than any other planet (I first heard this from the book, An Ascension Handbook:  Material Channeled from Serapis, by Tony Stubbs). 

It has taken me over 30 years to lift many veils and I’ve discovered my truest self is actually very quirky – almost goofy!  I like to quote movies, dance in the middle of the street, chat with strangers, wear crystals in my pocket, and I really do like beets…oh, and mangos and watermelon.  I love watermelon. 

I’m not sure what will resonate with you on the site because we are all at different points in our journey.  I am still lifting many veils, but the more veils I lift, the more I come into alignment and the better I feel.  And the better I feel, the more healing I bring to Earth because by healing myself (letting go of my own limiting beliefs), I heal the world because I am a part of this world.

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