"You don't have to make everything spiritual."

“You don’t have to make everything spiritual.”

Someone said this to me recently and unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Why? Because we are souls with a body, not a body with a soul.

TRUST ME — I’ve lived life both ways.


In 2015, all my style clients, style trips and workshops went away. I was left with nothing and my bank account was dwindling - fast.

As hard as I tried to get things going again — I posted style videos on YouTube, I continued with my fabulous, always well-received newsletters, I contacted clients, nothing happened.

At the same time, my spiritual journey had been put into overdrive and my ability to receive guidance had jumped by leaps and bounds. While this part of my life was interesting and exciting, it wasn’t bringing me money.

It wasn’t until I met my earth angel and cheerleader, Kelly, who was so amazed by how much health and spiritual stuff I knew, said to me, “This is your money maker - teaching others how to connect with their intuition.”

After she said this to me, a style client popped up. It had been months since I had worked with anyone.

I still had a lot of “work” to do — putting together Lifting-the-Veil.com, online courses, staying positive (<—-this was a big part of it), but my intuition was SUPER strong and by making time to connect each day, I could hear and then follow it. Slowly but surely, this is what is bringing everything on my vision board to life!

It was NOT doing more style videos, paying for PR or sending more newsletters… it was whatever my intuition was asking me to do next - whether it was related or not to what I was trying to get working again (more clients, career opportunities, romance etc.)

By moving forward with my intuition, I have drawn everything to me - style opportunities, clients, dream partnerships, like-minded friends, without even “trying”.

Because it is ALL spiritual and one who consistently follows their intuition (about what cultural or self-imposed belief to let go of, what relationship, food, job or habit is holding them back or what idea/feeling they need to embrace), will find a flood of abundance with health, clients, friends, joy and more.


Are you feeling stuck? Have things stopped flowing in your life? It doesn’t help to continue to focus on what you don’t have or what isn’t working — what gets things moving again is following the guidance from your intuition. This is where I can help.

I’m an expert at helping people sift through the myriad of ideas and thoughts to identify what is the next right step from their intuition.

Remember, spirit is never asking us to do 10 things at once - or to take 10 steps at a time. It’s only ever asking for the next step. And after that, then the next one. Lots of little ones add up to more prosperity, optimal health, your dream career or home — not just one big step.

I am your intuitive guide and cheerleader to keep you going. How cool is that?!

If you want help figuring out your next step, then let’s connect. I’d love to help!

Sending you uplifting thoughts and a big boost of faith in your intuition because we are all spiritual beings and our natural state of abundance can be found in following our intuitive nudges - we were not put here just to pay bill and die. It is a spiritual journey for ALL of us. :)


Want more? Check out this blog post, Your Next Step Is Right Underneath Your Nose which helps explain more about the next right step — and how to know your next right step is the “right” one.

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