Halloween : The Time of Year When the Veil is Thinnest

Halloween is a fun and special time of year. We get dressed up, have parties, make special treats, but have we ever stopped to wonder why we dress up as scary creatures this time of year?

Why not in July? Or January? Why now?

Well, just as we call the hottest days the “dog days of summer” for a reason (because the ancients associated the hottest days of summer with the star Sirius, which is the brightest in the sky during those hot summer days), ghosts, witches and spirits have a specific meaning this time of year… and it relates to the veil.

What is the veil?

The veil is a belief or perception that we are separate – separate from the spirit world (the one filled with angels, guides, guidance from our higher self and yes, ghosts and other “scary” spirits).


It is thinnest this time of year, specifically, on Halloween, which is why people would dress up – because they could sense, perceive and see the thinning of the veil (the energetic or physic barrier between dimensions), and were trying to ward off any unwanted spirits.

Ever notice how a cat seems to be gazing off into “another world” – staring at things we can’t see with the naked eye? Like spirits, energies or other beings?

It isn’t a coincidence that black cats are a part of Halloween décor and costumes because cats represent being able to see through this veil.


Of course, this “thinning of the veil” is not to be feared as it’s actually a good thing. It means that the connection with our higher self (not just loved ones that have passed), is stronger because the veil is at its thinnest. Our intuitive and physic abilities are enhanced.

Maybe you can’t feel or sense a difference right now and that’s okay, but it should come as no surprise that November 2nd is All Souls Day. And November 1st is World Vegan Day – and what is veganism all about? Remembering that we are one – that we share this earth together even though we can’t “see” souls with our eyes in the animals we’ve decided to kill for nourishment.

It’s remembering that there is a “veil” that separates us, but it’s just that — a veil — transparent, easy to see through, but only if we decide to we want to start living with our intuition as our guide — not just the things we can see with our eyes.

Maybe this has helped “lift a veil” or cultural belief about Halloween and yes, maybe you still love Halloween parties, costumes and treats (I mean what’s not to love about candy apples coated in cookie pieces?!), but I hope you will take some time to connect with your higher self – the one that can see a beautiful, healthy, prosperous life for you and knows how to get you there.

It exists beyond the veil of what’s in front of you right now
– the one that says you have to hustle all the time, that money is never constant, or that a cure is found in a pill. You deserve nothing but the best and please reach out if you want help understanding what your intuition is asking you to do next. This is what I do! :)

Interested in making the connection with your intuition, angles or guides?

Enroll in a meditation class or develop a daily ritual.
I’ve shared how my guidance comes through when I’m chopping veggies or taking my dog for a walk.

Or check out this article about
places where the veil is the thinnest – I found this super interesting and of course, makes a lot of sense (hint: think waterfalls, open fields, where water meets the shore - nature is so awesome :)

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