Where do you begin? Pay Attention to Where It's Easy

Where do you begin when it comes to creating the life of your dreams?  Go where it’s easy.

A client I’m consulting with was telling me, “I’ve been told I’m a jack of all trades!  And there are so many things I love.  I don’t know what to pursue first?”

Follow the path of least resistance.  It's that way for a reason. 

Remember, it’s not supposed to be hard (that’s a veil picked up from society, our culture - for me, I picked that belief up from my parents - both of them). 

We are used to glorifying the struggle – praising it, using it as a badge of honor that we “hustled” or “worked hard”, but struggle just means we are out of alignment.

When you are in alignment (which is being your true, authentic self – walking your path, speaking/sharing your truth/shining your light), life becomes easy – effortless.  The resources, whether that's time, money, clients or the right healing modality, come to you when you need them.  It's not a search or a struggle - or a worry.


A story to share...

My first version of The Style Academy, my online style school, was clunky and awkward.  I kept it going (producing one new lesson each month) for about 1 1/2 years.  I eventually found my way to a more modern and user-friendly platform. 

When someone showed me this new platform, instantly I knew.  I could feel it.  This was the new home for my online school!  

I was super excited, but in order to give the site a custom feel (not just a place to host my online lessons), I needed to design a web page in Squarespace (a web site hosting & design platform). 

The new school platform could create it for me, but it was going to cost thousands.... thousands I did not have. 

How and where was I going to find a Squarespace designer?!  Such a specific request!

Enter my intuition.

I remembered liking my coach's logo when I first started working with her (Hillary Schneider of Epona Rise Retreat).  I never asked her about it or said anything out loud, but I remember thinking, "Hmmm, that's a unique and creative logo."

So I asked her who designed it.  It was Deana Ward who was specifically and only a Squarespace designer. 

O.M.G.  There she was. 

She was exactly what I needed.  It was the path of least resistance.  (Deana is now my go-to designer, including the one who designed this site.)

And that's how intuition works!  You get a quick thought or feeling, but many times, it doesn't make sense or you can't see how it's going to bring about your desires/make your dreams come true/help you with healing/bring more money your way etc, but your intuition goes before you.... it can see the way, but it doesn't tell you how the dots connect.  You simply must trust and keep following it.  And the more your follow it, the easier life gets. :)

Of course the path of least of resistance doesn't mean there isn't any work involved, but what's different is it's work you want to do. 

With switching platforms for my online style school, there was still a lot of work involved (I had to re-do some videos, copy and past a ton of lessons and quizzes, but it wasn't accounting, playing Scrabble, or teaching a running class - things I don't like to do:).

The "work" I do now includes things I enjoy like writing my newsletters and blog posts.  I love sharing healing modalities, products I find, posting health tips and more.  Some people despise writing or filming videos, but for me, that's "work" that I love and it comes easily to me. 

Still not sure about following the path of least resistance? 

Here’s a quick story to help calm your heart because what is meant for you will never pass you by. 

A few years ago, (before I was consistently listening and using my intuition to guide my daily activities), someone invited me to a networking event.  I had the feeling I should go, but I didn’t want to pay and get myself all the way downtown the day of the event (I was being lazy even though I had the “feeling” this was something I should attend). 

About a week later, another friend asked me if I was going to the event.  Again, I said no and denied the nudge from the Universe. 

Then, the morning of the event, another friend texted me – her son was sick and she had to stay home with him – would I like her ticket?  Okay, I’m in!  Now I had to go!

Come hell or high water, the Universe MADE sure I was going to this event. 

Yes, it’s true - whatever is meant for you will never pass you by so even if you don’t know which path is the path of least resistance, just pick one and start.  The Universe will give you a confirmation.

Just pay attention to the signs – finding feathers usually means you are on the right path – the same is true for synchronicities – those are a wink from the Universe to keep going.  Or you’ll get a nudge to try something else and when it’s right, you’ll feel it.  You will know.  It will be easy as the right people, resources and opportunities will be there to help you. 

What’s something that’s being nudging at you that you want to pursue?  Where can you feel you are being called to create, connect or share?  Remember, it’s the path of least resistance for a reason – follow it.  :)

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