Quick Inspiration : Sunshine All The Time Makes A Desert


It's okay to be sad.  It's okay to be down....let's just not set up camp there, build a house, start a family and build a town church, library and school!  :)

Plus, sunshine all the times does makes a desert.  Emotions show us where we have gone astray from our soul's purpose.  Emotions are not a bad thing - in fact, they are a great opportunity that help highlight
+  what we need to work through
+  what we need to let go of
+  an issue that needs to be discussed
+  a limiting belief that needs to be dropped (about money, self-worth, healing, relationships)
+  or something we aren't acknowledging consciously that is out of alignment with our true self (a co-worker, a job, a friend, a situation etc.)

If everything was rainbows and gumdrops all the time, well then, we would never have anything to work out or any growing to do in our journey here on Earth...and that's not what we are here for. :) 

We are here to grow and evolve - move through issues from past lives, beliefs we have picked up from our childhood, culture etc. and help others along the way. 

Acknowledging the sad feeling(s).  Let it/them move through you.  Journal.  Ask a friend for help.  Talk to someone.  Go for a walk in nature.  Get out and run.  Take a bath and then move into the sunshine.  :)  

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