"I will never spend another night without sleeping grounded!" It is a game changer.

This is a Game Changer

Adrenal fatigue that goes away.

Eczema that clears up in a week.

Back pain that disappears overnight.

Page 59
A bed-ridden man on hospice with severe RA, needed 3 people to lift him out of bed, but once they put a grounding mat underneath him, he was up and about in 10 days.  He lived for 5 more years.

Page 163
Within a week of using a grounding mat at her computer, one woman had the terrible eczema on her hands go away! 

Page 180
Jim Bellacera suffered from chronic back pain for over 2 decades. 

"And, son of a gun, I woke up in disbelief the morning after the first night I slept grounded. 'No, this can't be.' I said. 'My back doesn't hurt.' And after two days, I didn't have to reach for my daily dose of ibuprofen horse pills."

Page 218
Joey Whitten couldn't get pregnant for 14 years.  After 1 month of sleeping grounded, she got pregnant - at age 35.

Page 212
Dale Teplitz had been diagnosed with osteopenia (decreased bone density in her thigh and ankle bones).  At 48, (after 3 years of sleeping grounded), the DEXA scan showed it was gone.  At age 52, it is still gone!  She also sailed through menopause effortlessly after having years of debilitating PMS.

Earthing or being Grounded helps with:

adrenal fatigue (page 193)
depression and anxiety (page 154)
high blood pressure (page 136)
sleep apnea (page 190)
Lyme disease (page 185)
diabetes (page 130)
hormones & thyroid issues (page 204, 211)
heart arrhythmias (page 138)
jet lag (page 182)
Lupus (page 182)
MS (page 146, 158, 203)
shoulder pain (page 162)
TMJ and gum disease (page 157)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (page 151)
PMS & hot flashes (page 212)
achy joints (page 170)
allergies (page 169)
incontinence (page 189)
recovery time after exercise (the athletes on Tour de France use it so they can ride without any arthritis and wounds heal overnight - with no to minimal swelling (page 220)
rapid wound healing (page 85)
no more knee surgery (page 83)
healing anxiety, joint problems & energy levels with pets (page 237)
kids' tantrums (page 201)
autism (page 172)
digestion and more

Page 163
Graeme Dalton found relief after 20 years of insomnia when she starting going barefoot in a park for about 1 hour each day. 

She's also happier, less stressed, and as an artist, she has created more paintings, taken more photographs and written more songs in the past 9 months than in the last 7-8 years.

So what is this magic pill, cleanse or diet? 

It's not a pill, there are no refills, requires no diet change or cleansing and best of all, it all happens while you sleep.

The box from the   grounding mat   I have on my bed. "Results are immediate and self evident."  Yes they are.

The box from the grounding mat I have on my bed.
"Results are immediate and self evident."  Yes they are.

Rubber-soled shoes were the worst things to happen to us.

As we discussed in the last newsletter, the ancients always had contact with the earth.  They were outside in nature all the time, swam in the rivers and lakes, they slept close to the earth (not in raised beds, high-rises, hotels or on the second floor), and yes, they walked barefoot.  

If they weren't barefoot, they were wearing leather-soled shoes ------ leather is conductive, rubber is not.

Why this matters & How it affects your health daily (and everyone you know)

On the inside of the box from the   grounding mat   for my bed.

On the inside of the box from the grounding mat for my bed.

Any time you have an injury, surgery or an invader like a virus, bacteria or yes, even toxins (another reason to switch to toxic-free products :), your immune system goes to work. 

Inflammation happens.  It's your body's natural response -- your nose fills up with mucus to stop more pathogens from coming in, your leg swells in order to protect the tender area from any further damage and more. 

In this normal process, free radicals are released. 

As the book (Earthing : The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!) states, "Normally, these free radicals obtain their electrons by stripping them away from pathogens and damaged tissue.  This activity kills the bad bags you want out of your body and breaks down damaged cells for removal."

The problem arises when this process fails to wind down completely.  "The good guys become the bad guys on a rampage, ripping up innocent, healthy cells. 

They continue attacking and oxidize healthy tissue.  The immune system gears switch into overdrive, sending in more white blood cells that produce more free radicals."

Free radicals are POSITIVE ELECTRONS.

Positive Electrons are Everywhere.


And lamps.  Yes, like the ones next to my bed.  Even though they aren't turned "on", are emitting a constant stream of positive electrons.

The body can't keep up with the daily and constant bombardment of positive electrons in the 21st century.

We are Deficient in Negative Ions.

The most abundant and constant source of NEGATIVE IONS, comes from Mother Earth.


Connecting with the earth allows the negative ions to freely flow into the body (to attach to the positively charged electrons). 

This is why rapid wound healing occurs or back pain disappears, hormones normalize, digestion improves, RA goes away, stress decreases, because the body finally able to focus attention, energy and resources to repair ----- it has the negative ions it so desperately needed.

No wonder I slept LIKE A ROCK the first night using the grounding mat. 

I woke up and thought, "What is this?"  And things have continued to unfold.

Grounding Mat for Your Bed

Pierre, sitting on the   grounding mat   for my bed.  Of course he soaks up the benefits as well (can you see his smile :), because we all need to be connected to the earth ---- as  much  as possible!

Pierre, sitting on the grounding mat for my bed.  Of course he soaks up the benefits as well (can you see his smile :), because we all need to be connected to the earth ---- as much as possible!

I think sleeping grounded is the easiest thing you can do. 

Not only does it help you fall asleep (and stay asleep), but sleep is when your body naturally restores and repairs itself

"Sleeping grounded" does not mean you are sleeping on the ground (of course you can if you want to!).  Sleeping grounded means you are sleeping on a grounding mat or sheets -- and the key is, your bare skin needs to touch (just like walking barefoot). 

While I sleep naked and sleep on the whole mat, you could position this mat horizontally, across the bottom of the bed so that 2 people could have their calves and feet touching. 

How a Grounding Mat, Sheet, Wristband or Blanket Works


Grounding products (mats, wristbands, sheets), will all have this type of "plug".


The plug gets inserted into the third or round hole of your outlet.  This is the grounded part of the outlet.


This is transferring the energy that is naturally radiating from the surface of the earth, to the grounding mat, wristband or sheets.  All you have to do is have skin contact with the grounding item to absorb all the negative ions and let them do their job. :)

Grounding Mat under Your Computer, Feet or Wristband


Many people put an Earthing mat under their laptop (so that their wrists are touching), or they put one under their bare feet when working on the computer or watching TV.


I wear a wristband (which does have a cord), as this gives me greater mobility to move around while still being grounded and working on the computer. 

I'm using this set of 2 mats and 2 wristbands.

How often should we be Earthing or grounding ourselves?


Most grounding or Earthing items will come with an outlet tester (even on the 34th floor, my outlets are grounded). 

The 2 orange lights should light up if the outlet is properly grounded. 

Unless you live in a home built before the 1960s, all homes/outlets will be properly grounded.  If not, then you need to call an electrician ASAP

Why the urgency?  If you've ever watched any home improvement/make over show on HGTV, then you know what happens with electricity that isn't grounded --- it can start a fire! 

What makes the muscles move to pump your heart, or move your face, hands or feet?  Electricity.

What makes the neurons fire in your brain?  Electricity.

You are living in a battery (touch a door knob after you've built up some static "charge" and you can see and feel that electricity!).  

You don't ground the outlets on the North side of your home and not the ones on the South side.  No.  They are all grounded, all the time.


To be honest, I CANNOT wait to get home to my mat.  I look forward to sleeping on it!

A Grounding Mat and Pets

I'm used to daily synchronicities, but I nearly dropped the book when I read the reason why pets "dig" is because they are trying to get to the earth! 

They are trying to ground themselves.


In January, I started coming home to these brown fluff balls. 

Pierre was digging on the brown blanket I had draped over the couch, which formed these brown fur balls.

January was when we were spending the least amount of time outside and no, he does not wear rubber booties, which would have made things even worse ---- rubber, wood & glass = insulating/not a conductor.


This is all Pierre has to do to "ground himself" while indoors - he needs to have some part of his body touching the grounding mat.

Page 240
Chip McGrath was a retired racing Greyhound who had racing injuries and once he re-injured his leg, he couldn't jump onto the couch or into the car

After using an Earthing mat, he can now do both.  He's also more playful, takes longer walks and has more energy than before.  Another "side effect" took place 3 weeks after sleeping grounded when his owner noticed he wasn't afraid of thunder or other loud noises.

The chapter on pets also includes a cockatoo (with a grounded perch who stopped pulling out her feathers and walking in circles), help with seizures in dogs, reduced join pain, and Charlie, a cat that was urinating all over the house. 

Pets need to be connected to the Earth just as much as we do!

Other Benefits and What You Need to Know

I strongly encourage reading the book, Earthing : The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!
as it has some "cautions" for people on blood pressure meditation ---- all of these people end up decreasing their dosage or stop taking it completely because Earthing helps get blood flowing instead of it being thick and slow. 

There is also a caution for those with Lupus or Lyme as people with those diseases experience "die off" symptoms for the first few days until they start to feel better.  The advice is for those people to go slow and start Earthing for just an hour or two a day. 

There is also a caution for those on thyroid medication as Earthing has been shown to normalize thyroid function as well.  Woot!

The book also includes a chapter on athletes, which describes how tests show less break down of muscle and how much quicker the body recovers (and with less aches and pains). 

Anti-aging is also discussed since this is an awesome way to "squash" those free radicals!  Can't put those negative ions in a jar!  :)


For the grounding mat I have on my bed, the red Ground Therapy logo faces up, while the plug is underneath.  You want to have skin contact with the shiny, plastic-y side.  The fabric side (with the plug), will be facing down. 

The instructions say you can put the mat under your sheet or sleep directly on top (I'm a weirdo so I sleep directly on top :).


I have the single length grounding mat (which can be placed horizontally across the bottom half of the bed), but Amazon also has a mat that covers a whole queen size bed.


There is also a mat for your chair

These items each come with an outlet tester and are designed and produced by Clint Ober, the author and founder of the power of Earthing!


With all other grounding or Earthing mats (like the set of 2 mats and 2 wristbands that I use when my dog and I are on the computer or couch), the plug will face up. 

Again, you want contact with the shiny, plastic-like side.  The softer, ridged side will face down.  This 4 part set does not come with an outlet tester.

Can it really be that simple? 


Well, yes because we have lost our connection to the Earth (we can go years before we touch the ground with our hands, let alone our bare feet).  Nature gives us what we need (because we are nature - our bodies are nature), so we cannot heal with synthetics

I wrote a follow-up newsletter for the subscribers of Lifting the Veil with more information on how to protect yourself from EMFs (like plugging your WiFi into a timer which will automatically turn it off at night), and stories from friends and family that have been using a grounding mat.

For example, my mom said her shoes fit better now!  She has less fluid because there is less inflammation in her body. 

If you have questions, or want to share your own Earthing story, please comment below!  I look forward to connecting :)

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