When We Keep Living Life with the Same Beliefs


In order to travel, live and be light, one has to learn how to let go and trust in a greater energy other than oneself. 

This requires faith and trust in the unseen ------ this is intuition and feminine energy at work (receiving, allowing, intuitive vs. what our world celebrates and promotes, which is masculine energy – going, doing, action). 

The Universe will give you signs that what you’re working on will manifest…. or if you still need to shift something, ie lift a veil/limiting belief. 

Regardless, everything is happening for you, not to you. 

Things become stagnant when we keep living life with the same beliefs. Time to let go (your intuition will send you nudges --- or people or circumstances to let you know what needs to shift in your mental pattern). 

You are the light. 

We’re all here to help remind one another that we are already the light and to help each other remove any beliefs, past pains or lessons that have kept us from our light, abundant, healthy, joyful selves! 

Anyone who crosses your path is a teacher and healer.  Be grateful, pay attention to what is “rubbing you the wrong way”, then decide to let it go and live light.

"I will never spend another night without sleeping grounded!" It is a game changer.

Cultivating Simplicity