YASOU : Luxurious, Vegan & Cruelty Free Unisex Skincare

YASOU (pronounced ya-soo), means "to your health" in Greek.  It is also the name of Theodora Ntovas' luxe, vegan & cruelty free unisex skincare line. 

Despite her success as an art director prior to starting YASOU, Theodora felt empty.  She wanted to reconnect to her Greek heritage and her desire to create. 

She noticed there were very few luxe wellness beauty products in the department stores and the organic products that did exist, felt short with their application (they felt gritty and weren't very luxurious). 

She wanted to combine a love of her heritage (using plants and essential oils), with a passion for sourcing the best ingredients to bring great products both men and women could enjoy! 

I got the opportunity to try a few products and ask Theodora some questions (pssst - when she tells you the product goes a long way, believe her!  I had to use very little face or night cream - it's that rich, but absorbs instantlyMy faves were the vegan lip elixir & body creamDivine!)

I've been using non-toxic beauty products for several years, but what I noticed about YASOU was how quickly it absorbed into my skin! 

What's different about YASOU?

I think the big difference today is that YASOU is a water-based skin care line where most new clean brands are oil based.  YASOU works on a cellular level with certified organic carrier oils and of course our Caltyl-O Complex which is certified organic extra virgin olive oil.  


In fashion, it's the subtle details that make something look or feel expensive like a metal zipper instead of plastic or a generous hemline for alterations.  YASOU smells expensive meaning it doesn't have the typical sweet or overly floral smell (and I'm very sensitive to scents). 

Please describe the scents and what you use.

I don't use any fragrance only essential oils that are known to have wellness benefits.  These are smells I remember from my youth when I lived and visited Greece.  Right now I use lavender, cypress oil, mandarin, lemon, mastic, anise and peppermint.  Also, one of my goals was to create a luxe wellness line so not only was it good for you it had to feel good as well!

What's the one thing people should know about buying non-toxic beauty products?
I think they need to look at the preservative system.  This is one of the most important things because if your product gets contaminated with bacteria or mold, it can kill you.  

Most new "clean" products are oil based (which don't need to worry about preservation as much as water based products), but they still need a preservative.  Some use green alcohol - this is natural but also very drying to the skin.  

Do you research on preservatives dig deeply on the differences between oil and water based products (what the pro's and cons are).

Note:  Preservatives can keep you safe if they are used ethically and safely.  If they are the fourth or even sixth ingredient in your product's ingredient list, investigate!

Vegan Lip Elixir from YASOU - My favorite product!  Great for chapped lips, diminishing fine lines and devlivering outstanding moisturizer (with the best, high-quality ingredients around!)

Vegan Lip Elixir from YASOU - My favorite product!  Great for chapped lips, diminishing fine lines and devlivering outstanding moisturizer (with the best, high-quality ingredients around!)

What's your favorite or best-selling product?
This is a tough question.  I don't have a favorite product because they are all special but right now I'm loving my new vegan lip elixir. 

My best selling product is my vegan face cream set: cellular day cream and cell renewal night cream.  It's a moisturizing treatment regime all in two products instead of several and they last a long time because you only need to use a little.

As a beauty expert, what's the first product you recommend people switch out in their beauty routine?
Face Cream.  I think we apply a lot of different products on our face and we need to replenish it with quality ingredients.


What's the best product to give as a gift?   
Our Hydrating Body cream with essential oils or our Hydrating Body Cream aroma free for people with skin sensitivities or people who like their own blends of aroma (or no smell) or if someone is going through Chemo.

Where can people find YASOU?  
YASOU is sold on our website: www.yasouskincare.com or on several marketplaces that can be found on our website under the store locator tab.

What's the price point? 
Our products range from $22.95 to $150.00.   Our products go a long way!

YASOU are products both men and women can enjoy since the scents are subtle and not overly floral.  Between the fast absorption, vegan & cruelty free certification, and luxurious coverage, YASOU is a wonderful addition to my beauty regime and great to give as a gift!  I seem to have lots of friends with chapped lips!

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