How Taking a Bubble Bath Brings Money, Clients, Friends, Romance & Opportunities to You

You don’t get more out of doing (although this is what we are taught to believe). 

You hustle.  You multitask.  You send emails while standing in line at the grocery store.  You post a blog post every week or share a video every Tuesday on YouTube because that is what other “successful” people have done, however, this is an outdated (and unhealthy) way to live.  How so? 

Because you attract more abundance by just being you

So how is taking a bubble bath being the real you?

Because the real you is relaxed. 


The real you is peaceful. 
The real you is open. 
The real you is happy. 
The real you is calm, loving, healthy, joyful, compassionate and more. 
The real you is not stressed! 

This is why self-care will never be too much. 

Self-care helps you align with the real you and if you never take time for that, then life becomes even harder from being out of alignment with your authentic self, which is what your soul wants to create, do and experience in this lifetime. 

I created a free 30 Day Self-Care Challenge you can download HERE.

Keep denying the nudges of what you really want to do and the body (which is a reflection of what is going on with the soul (or not going on), will start to ache), and life will get “harder”.  It will become a struggle. 

Self-care (in this crazy, fast-paced world), makes sure you are in alignment. 

And self-care can look like anything from organizing your space, cleaning out your fridge, going to bed earlier, exercising, taking a bubble bath, to eating healthier or saying goodbye to friends (you can read how to "break up" with friends in this blog post).  It’s whatever your soul is saying you need in that moment. 

Maybe you want a sandwich or maybe you want to take a nap.  Listen to it.  Follow it.  (You can read more here about how intuition comes through – hint, it’s not with big flashes of insight, fairies or a crystal ball :)


It always helps to put things into perspective and that’s why I love the 4% rule!  We all have 1 hour each day we can give to ourselves. 

My 1 hour consists of yoga, breath work (to get blood flowing to vital organs and wake up the body – without stimulates like caffeine:), journaling, a walk with my dog outside where I can talk to nature and my jade egg practice – more on this in an upcoming blog post :)

Don’t feel you have the time to devote to you?  Then this is a sure sign that something – perhaps the thing that is causing you the most distress, needs to drop off your list.  Or, ask for help.  People loooove to feel needed.  They like to help, but you have to ask!

Remember, you are nature.  You are not a machine or made of plastic and nature does not go, go, go all the time.  Nature does not do the exact same thing every Tuesday and you don’t have to either. 

So take some time for you.  It is in these quiet moments when taking a bath, journaling, gardening, working out, eating crackers standing up (whatever your soul is urging you to do!) is when you can hear your intuition.  Hearing it and following it is where alignment comes from and alignment creates a life of ease, joy, optimal health and happiness.

I hope you will find some time to create your self-care ritual and allow more of the relaxed, happy, healthy and joyful you come through because this is who you really are and abundance naturally flows to the real you

Be sure to download the free 30 Day Self-Care Challenge for inspiration and tips on how to sit back into the calm, happy and healthy real you!

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