It's not about becoming anyone. It's undoing who you are not.


This has become my million dollar phrase and I love it! Any time I share it with someone, their eyes get as big as saucers and they look like they just got hit with a meter. Yes.


We are here, on this playground called Earth, to work through our karma, past issues, learn lesson and ultimately, get back to our true selves, which is abundant, prosperous, joyful and in perfect health.

Anything outside of that shows we are out of alignment with our soul, which is our true, authentic self.

Why? Because we are souls WITH a body, not a body WITH a soul.

But the abundance, health, romance etc may not be showing up in your life (or only half way), when we have veils or limiting beliefs that block it from coming through. #alignment

This is why you’re not lucky, you’re aligned and remember, alignment will take you places hustle can’t. As I say to my clients (and myself), it’s supposed to be easy. We were not put here to struggle! Let’s lift those veils!

So once again, it’s not about becoming - it’s un-doing who you are not. It’s letting go of the beliefs that are an insult to your soul.

However, it does takes courage to go against the grain – to let go of what you were raised to believe (probably over many past lives), and get back to the real you.

For me, I removed the beliefs that I needed to eat animals to be healthy and consume dairy for strong bones. As soon as I let go of those beliefs (which were not mine – they were imposed on me and definitely not part of my true self), my body and health (and intuition!) took off!

I’ve also lifted veils around always being presentable or so conservative all the time.

This allowed me to really get back to the true me which is quirky, goofy and so, so fun! (hello quoting Pixar movies and talking in funny accents :). And, in turn, I’ve gained so many friends, because, well, it’s easy for the Universe to find you and deliver everything that is already yours when you are being your authentic self.

So goodbye to becoming and hello to un-doing!

If anything, “becoming” or “trying” should be paying attention to what doesn’t feel right or what isn’t working in your life — emotions and what isn’t working are our guides. They are the arrows pointing to what we need to work through - beliefs around money, self-worth, trust, love, the support we have available and more.

This is how we identify different veils and beliefs need to be removed because what’s on the other side is so, so worth it and much, much easier! :)

Please reach out for help if you need guidance. We are here to help each other on this soul journey on earth and I would be honored to see what guidance comes through for you!

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