Celebrating Holi, The Festival of Colours

Holi Festival or Festival of Colours is an ancient Hindu festival that happens every year on the Spring Equinox. It is a celebration of love, friendship, compassion, and, of course, spring and the return of color to the earth!


This year I had an opportunity to go to a Holi Festival at Navy Pier in Chicago. While it wasn’t in India, it had all the traditions such as wearing all white, throwing colorful holi powder in the air (and on one another), dancing and celebrating life!

What to Know About Holi Festival:
+ wearing white is not required, but most people wear all white as it highlights the beautiful array of colors


+ sunglasses are a good idea if your eyes are sensitive as the holi powder is dry and is flying everywhere (I didn’t wear sunglasses and I was fine, but at more intense festivals, they could be helpful)


+ come with an open mind and heart as this isn’t about staying with your group of friends! This ritual is to be shared with others, reminding us how beautiful and abundant the earth is, how we share it with others and to partake in joy


+ every person that came up to us would wipe our left cheek with some holi powder while wishing us a “Happy Holi”. (They never brushed our right cheek). It was very loving and kind so once again, come with the intent of celebrating life, color and love!


+ the holi powder is dry so it’s not wet or cold. It’s easy to brush off, but don’t wear anything you truly care about as it can be hard to get clean.


+ if I go to another Holi Festival outside of India, then I will definitely buy my own holi powder. This free event at Navy Pier did sell packets of holi powder, but many other people brought their own.

My word for 2018 was “ancient” and my word for 2019 was “rituals” (I pick words instead of setting resolutions), and little did I know how much the Universe would line everything up for me.


Whether in India or not, whether it’s the spring equinox or not, you could create your own “Holi Festival” as holi powder can be purchased online. Bring friends together to celebrate a birthday, friendship, the start of summer, a neighborhood party, or any new beginning. It’s fun, easy and oh so colorful… just how life should be. #itissupposedtobeeasy


Thank you India and Holi Festival for this beautiful reminder and celebration. I want to walk around every day drenched in color!

Quick Inspiration : No is a complete sentence.

It's not about becoming anyone. It's undoing who you are not.