Why This Is An Exciting Time To Be On This Planet

This is an exciting time to be alive. Others might disagree and say that this is a crazy and ugly time to be alive, but that depends on where you are viewing things from, no?


I love this quote by Yogi Bhajan because it explains what’s going on right now.

The Mayan calendar “ended” on December 21, 2012. Many interpreted this as the end of the earth and the end of humanity. Yikes!

However, as we know, the world did not end. In fact, December 21st, 2012 signified a shift in consciousness.

The Mayans knew we would be entering the age of Aquarius - a time of enlightenment and starting our journey back towards the sun (the sun = consciousness).

Now the earth is coming back around and we are getting closer to the sun (remember, there’s a reason they called it “The Dark Ages”).


So as we begin 2019 – the year consciousness changes (the “7th year”), I am super excited for the changes that are happening and where they are leading us.

And no surprise, but I am meeting more and more people who are sharing some sort of extreme hardship or awakening in the past 2-3 years.

This forced them, (however confusing and painful it might have been), to “awaken” and embrace their spirituality.

I’ve shared a bit about my journey in this blog post and how everything stopped in my life until I started to openly embrace and talk about spirituality, energy and more.

I’m also seeing that people want information on chakras, repeating numbers, healing without pharmaceuticals, crystals, sound healing and more. These are all things our ancestors and the ancients did.

They were way more connected, spiritual, grounded and advanced than we are today and they are guiding us as we help raise our own consciousness and therefore, the consciousness of the planet. :)

Consciousness is shifting.

The planet is healing and awakening, which means a lot of old patterns and energy are being released, which can be painful (that’s what healing is – it’s not sweeping it under the rug – it must be brought to the surface in order to be healed), and it is happening fast.

Do you find yourself caught up in the negative parts of this healing and shift in consciousness or have you found a way to rise above it (as I like to say, “to stay in your own lane”:)?

I’m not saying that it’s easy or fun, but it is exciting to see the changes happening as it is leading us towards a much more balanced, peaceful and harmonious planet… and existence!

Feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed? Please reach out for help!

You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul and are meant to thrive - not just pay bill and die. Part of my magic is helping others get “unstuck” and provide clarity and direction, because, well, I know. I’ve been there and it is possible to get to the other side. :)

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