Clearing Past Relationships From Our Body


I love this quote and while this could be a simple time to pause and reflect, I wanted to take it a step further.

Why? Because as Shantaram says, we are going to meet and interact with many people on our journey.

And while this is a part of life, one of the most powerful things I ever did was cutting cords to past relationships (romantic and family members).


I remember stepping in the door after returning home from my part-time job and sobbing.

“This isn’t it!”, I cried.

I felt like the previews of the people, clients and opportunities (hello dream job popping up and then disappearing!), were drifting away and I didn’t know how to get to them.

I reached out to the 2 “spiritual” groups I was a part of on Facebook. One woman commented on my post. She brought up the idea of cutting cords and clearing my energy.

As always, there is only one door in front of us – not several.

She “literally” was the only one so I made an appointment (it also felt right and didn’t feel icky or off).


There is only ever one door in front of us. We “get confused” when we think there are several, but spirit only presents us with the next step.

So which one do you choose?
The option with the least resistance. (It’s that way for a reason:) #itissupposedtobeeasy

The next step is actually right underneath your nose. Spirit has lined it up for you, but it’s just waiting for you to consciously recognize it – and then take that step.

It turns out my mom was corded very deeply into my solar plexus, which is a source of personal power, self-esteem, and authentic control. It is how we move through the world and get things done.

Unfortunately, she was dictating that for me – unconsciously, of course! It was muddling up my energy - actually blocking me from finding friends & clients, and doing things my way.


The next day, not only was I extremely sore (I felt like I had done 500 sit-ups), but I met my new best friend (who would help me bring back my goofy inner child!).

We had so much fun talking in different accents, dancing in the middle of the street and, best of all, he took me on my first vegan date.

Up until that point, I didn’t have any vegan friends, ie I didn’t have anyone who aligned with the changes I had made. Why? Because the cord to my mom was blocking it.


Within six months of cutting that cord, I added 26 new contacts to my phone! People could now find me! See me! A weight - a weight I didn’t even know was there had been lifted.

In a second session, we also found out that my last boyfriend was corded to my throat chakra, however, he was corded to me, but I was not corded to him.

Again, it felt very free-ing to clear that energy (yet I didn’t know or feel it was weighing me down), but this explained why he would find a way to contact me every year. He still wanted my energy and it was tied to communication! It was time to start projecting my own voice. :)


And speaking of past relationships, this brings us to a video from the fabulous Layla Martin.

She is the one who taught me alllllll about the jade egg and helped me reconnect with my sexuality (only natural after living in a very dominating patriarchal society for the last few thousand years:).

This video is great for clearing any ex-lovers, boyfriends/girlfriends or close relationships.

She recommends this exercise if you aren’t quite ready to cut any cords, but know you are ready to let go of that person/relationship (a strong sign you are ready to clear is when you can’t stop thinking about the person even though the relationship was toxic or is definitely over - this video is great for clearing those energetic ties).

And feel free to do this practice as many times as you need. We are emotional beings and I don’t think we realize how much we “feel”, don’t express or full process - and this energy can be stored deep within our cells.


This second video is from one of my YouTube favorites who has answered so many questions for me along my spiritual journey, Bridget Nielsen.

This video is powerful as it explains how illness or dis-ease is not past down through families (“lung cancer runs in my family”), but that it is past down because no one has addressed it yet!

No one has consciously done the work to confront it. It needs to come to the surface, be addressed, and then released, ie replace that belief with a new, more positive one*. This is how we end the cycle :)

*Each time I had cords cut, my energy worker asked me to replace it with something new. I picked, “I am powerful” and “I am seen”.

Bridget shares her own story of how she was able to consciously move through the karma she was carrying from her family history and finally change the outcome so that she (and her off-spring) won’t have to deal with that. Powerful stuff!

And in this video, she shares how to clear your energy, cut cords and cleanse your aura.

For all the info we hear about “detoxing” and “cleansing” our physical bodies, we should make sure we are doing it for our emotional bodies as well. It’s just as important, if not, more!

We need to address those feelings so that we don’t keep passing them from generation to generation, from relationship to relationship, or lugging those energetic cords around. That. Gets. Heavy. (And a lot harder to meet people, manifest, think clearly etc.)

This method of clearing doesn’t usually pop up until we are consciously ready for it. This means you can read or hear something about it, but it might take a few months - or years till you actually end those emotional ties and have those cords cut.

But this is nothing to be feared and this isn’t “bad” – like everything, it’s something to be aware of as we are going to come into contact with those 12 loves, teachers and friends throughout our journey here on Earth.

However, just as the physical body can heal and grow, we too can heal and grow by clearing out our emotional bodies/gardens. This helps create more room for the things we desire!

Have you had any experience with clearing past relationships? How did you feel afterwards? Did you hear from that person? (Sometimes cutting a cord causes that person to reach out because subconsciously, they know the cord/connection has been released.)

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