Quick Inspiration : Rushing is a form of violence


Who knew this would be my most popular IG post to date! I’m so glad that this simple statement resonated with so many!

Yes, I shared my story of rushing to meet some friends for lunch and how I didn’t need to rush because they ended up going to a different spot for lunch (which I had already passed because I was rushing to make it through each yellow light!), but rushing is a form a violence is because it shows we think things are going to happen without us.

It shows we don’t have faith that everything, everything, everything is happening for us — not to us.

How so?

Because there is no point in rushing because the Universe doesn’t move until you do.

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if they just float around in your head, then the Universe isn’t (and can’t) bring the right resources, people and next steps your way.


Because you haven’t done anything with those ideas in your head!

You step forward, and then the Universe does. You make another move, and then the Universe does. Like everything, it has to come from you first (self-respect, love, patience, sexiness), before it is reflected in your outer world.

So take comfort knowing that you will never “miss” anything — an opportunity, a job offer, a date, the dream house you have your eye on, because what is meant for you will never pass you by and no need to rush!

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