My Favorite Health Books


August 9th was Book Lovers Day! Yay! I love books. I love turning the page, underlining passages that resonate and, of course, learning (and in some cases, RE-remembering what I know to be true :).

These are my favorite books on healing and getting to the root cause. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!

You Can Heal Your Life
This was one of the very first books I picked up when starting my spiritual journey (first time I heard that we pick our parents!), but I’ve listed this book under the health category as it took me awhile to wake up to the fact that our thoughts really do create our life. And then these limiting beliefs manifest as pain in our physical body.

The book has the infamous chart that lists the limiting belief associated with everything from mouth sores (words left unsaid), to headaches (a decision we know we need to make), to migraines (a decision we really know we need to make but aren’t making), to biting nails, heart attacks, stroke, back pain and more!

Earthing : The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!
Um, yes it is! This book is filllllled with examples such as a bed-ridden man on hospice with severe RA - took 3 people to lift him out of bed to put a grounding mat underneath him, yet he was up and about 10 days later - he then lived for five more years! Just from sleeping on a grounding mat!

It also has stories of people with heart problems, PMS, insomnia, osteopenia that were able to heal from earthing/using a grounding mat (my dog and I don’t spend a night without sleeping on our mat!).

There is also a chapter on pets (like a bird that wouldn’t stop pulling out her feathers, but as soon as her middle perch was grounded, she stopped :), to a chapter on athletes and women’s health.

In a world where EMFs are everywhere — at airports, coffee shops, offices, gyms and stores. They come from TVs, baby monitors, cell phones, automatic doors, electric cars, stoplights, lamps (even though they aren’t turned on while I sleep, they are still emitting EMFs!), grounding is a big missing link to our health and a mat is an easy change to make.

Accidental Cure
This is by a doctor in St. Louis, Simon YU, M.D., who has “cured” cancer (chapter 14), to infertility to fibromyalgia by addressing some or all the same five factors:
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Poor Dental Work
Nutritional Deficiencies
Food Allergies

This book is filled with so many beautiful resources (and it’s an easy read - not very “medical”), but he also includes a chart showing how each of the teeth are connected to a vertebrae and an organ.

It’s scary when we find out how harmful removing teeth are (why a holistic dentist is a MUST), as well as removing toxic mercury.

He also states what all the health people (and the books I’ve read), said — that the body can heal itself - it is just overrun and doesn’t know what to focus on or fight off first.

Illness develops because one’s immune system is weakened. This is indisputable, yet often not acknowledged. Complementary and alternative medicine are based upon this premise. A disease represents a “red flag” that a person has sustained immune system deterioration for some time.

To eliminate illness, the immune network needs to be strengthened, yet very few people understand this principle.” - accidental cure, page 79

The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity
The is my favorite book. This taught me more about health than any other book.

This book thoroughly explains everything from fasting — fasting not only gives our organs and glands a much needed break (phew!), but after 24 hours with no food, the enzymes can finally leave the stomach and go scan the body for other pathogens (digestion is our BIGGEST energy output - not thinking, sex, sleeping, or working out).

This is why if you can maintain the fasting for more than 2 days, you will start to feel awful because the body will finally get a chance to pull toxins out of the cells and detox (we are all carrying around lots of different toxins from years of stress, poor food choices and toxins from our environment).

These detox symptoms are not pretty (*I pulled toxins out a different way by working with my naturopath to clean out toxins from my colon, kidney, liver/parasites and heavy metals — see below).

Reid also explains all the various benefits of ancient breathing techniques (complete with wonderful diagrams and pictures), which is how I start each morning — with these ancient breathing exercises.

This book is a wealth of knowledge (just look up any of Daniel Reid’s books on Amazon and the reviews are beyond!).

A little overwhelming (you’ll see this in the reviews on Amazon), but the same theme is echoed —-> there aren’t MORE bugs with Lyme biting people. It’s because our immune systems are so compromised (toxins fall from the sky, the flame retardants on air plane seats, we are bathed in chemicals at the gas station, in public parks, cleaning products, beauty products, EMFs — no surprise, but the body can’t keep up.

Invaders thrive.

This is why cleansing the detox pathways (colon, kidney, liver/parasites, lymph and heavy metals, which are always last), was the BEST thing I did for my health.

*If you want to get started cleaning out these detox pathways, then check out the online course I developed with my naturopath.

The colon powder and the liver/parasite cleanse are the same items I use (and continue to use), to help clean out the body and heal.

Once I got rid of the toxins, the plaque in my colon, the parasites, and flushed out the liver (which is in charge of filtering all the toxins we take in including medications and things like alcohol), my gluten allergy “disappeared”, my 70 year old mom’s cataracts “disappeared”, and my naturopath had her fibromyalgia “disappear”.

Weight also falls off, energy levels increase — why? Because you are adding to your health bank instead of depleting it.

This is why this was the best and BIGGEST thing I ever did for my overall health! I boosted my immune system by reducing my toxic load.

Contact me with more questions, as you can eat whatever you want, and the cleanses are all with things from the earth — no drugs or synthetics. The liver/parasite cleanse is based on Hulda Clark’s books, The Cure for All Diseases and The Cure for All Cancers.

The World Peace Diet
The best book I have ever read.


In the beginning of the book, he explains how metal on the earth used to be used to make tools and jewelry, but it wasn’t until masculine-dominated tribes swept the lands that metal was used to make weapons. This was at the same time the first animals started to be herded. Sheep were the first followed by goats and then cattle.

Human life (and our “habits”) on this planet used to be very different (and therefore, our health and connection to the earth - and ourselves).

I also love that he pointed out that the great artists and visionaries promoted the compassion towards all living beings and were vegan or vegetarian.

Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest artisans in all of history has said, “I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”

Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Emily Dickinson, George Bernard Shaw as well as Pythagoras who is credited with creating the seven-tone scale that we use for Western music are also listed — “we gladly take their gifts except where they break the herding culture taboo and challenge the sacred cow of eating animal foods.”

Beautifully researched, eloquently written, amazing chapter after amazing chapter, this book deserves its own post, but I never knew where to start because it was such a profound book.

I hope you will explore it as well. :)

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