Unisex Non-Toxic Perfume (prepare to smell amazing)

When I started my non-toxic journey, perfume was the hardest for me to give up.

Yes, I’m a Libra and wardrobe stylist so I thrive on beauty, aesthetics – everything and anything that is a feast for the senses, but there’s something special about perfume.

I mean, we don’t need it, yet many people feel “undressed” without a spritz of their favorite perfume. There is a reason as scent is the strongest of our senses tied to memory and it’s the first sense to develop in the womb.

So yeah, there is a reason behind the pull of an amazing scent.


Enter Phlur - Fragrance Reimagined. Phlur is changing the way we discover and use perfume in several ways.

1.) Non-toxic
Okay, so what does this mean? Phlur is free from any parabens, phthalates, BHT, phenoxyethanol, and polycyclic or alicyclic musks. They are also hypoallergenic and gluten free. Basically, you don’t want these things in your body. They have been linked with higher rates of cancer, are endocrine disrupters and more.

2.) Different Perfumers
Phlur doesn’t just have one “nose” – they have several. I love this because each perfumer is going to add a bit of their own inspiration into each creations. There is something for everyone.

3.) Certified B and Give Back
To be a Certified B company, you have to be very transparent with your ingredients (Phlur lists all of their ingredients for each perfume, which you can find here).

Certified B also means a company is committed to addressing social and environmental problems, ie, not just selling products. :)

Phlur also donates $5 to any environmental cause or agency for every purchase of a full-size perfume ($88). A lot of companies can say (or look like) they do good, but with all these “extra”, unnecessary steps, you know Phlur has a (conscious) heart.

4.) Sustainable Ingredients and Recycled Packaging
While there are a lot of beautiful, vegan, non-toxic ingredients, this doesn’t make every flower or scent out there accessible. Some things, are on the risk of extinction or being over-harvested and Phlur is committed to using ingredients that don’t deplete what Mother Nature has so generously given us.

The perfume bottles are made with 20% recycled glass and are decorated with vegetable paint so they won’t harm the earth when you (or if you) throw them in the trash. Win – win!

5.) Sample Kit - Pick 3 Scents to Try
$18 will get you a sample kit with three 2mL perfumes for you to try. You have 30 days to test out each of the three scents and to use your $18 towards the purchase of a full size perfume.

6.) Vegan and Cruelty Free
Because it’s 2018 and are we really still taking musk from the glands of animals or testing products and ingredients on (innocent) animals that have nothing in common with humans (last time I checked, my skin was very different than that of a rabbit). Cruelty free is a must – not a maybe for 2018 and beyond.

7.) Unisex Fragrances
Women are wearing loafers, men aren’t wearing socks with suits so who says girls only like florals and men only like amber and musk. Perfume is so personal and I love being able to pick a scent based on how I feel – sultry, relaxed, playful – whatever!


So get to the good stuff – the perfume!
I ordered 2 sample kits (however, you can still only use one of the $18 sample kit purchase price to apply to a full order of perfume). With two sample kits, I was able to try 6 of their 7 scents*

*Since the summer of 2018, Phlur has launched a new scent, Améline. And, Phlur’s perfumes are now available at Credo, which is a store that only sells non-toxic and cruelty free beauty items. Credo has 8 locations across the U.S. including New York, Chicago and Dallas.


Hanami - Phlur’s most popular scent. It’s subtle, clean and fresh. It’s the perfect go anywhere, do anything scent. I could also see it layered with another fragrance because it’s so light. #makeityourown

Sandara – This is the one I (and my friends), liked the most. As soon as I saw the description, “Calming and meditative, a spiritual journey inspired by a retreat into nature.” I knew I would love it! I was also sold when I saw it had the feeling of forest air, sandalwood and oak moss.


Siano – I did like this one as it felt very urban and not overly masculine (which I usually like), but the spiciness led me to pick something else. It’s floral and a little exotic with hints of green pepper, ylang ylang and cognac.

Olmsted & Vaux – One reviewer said it smelled expensive and elevated all of her outfits. Yes! This is a lovely unisex scent (they all are actually), and this one has staying power - for day and evening with notes of shiso leaf, white ginger and orange flower.

This perfume is said to inspire confidence and composure (after all, the name comes from the two architects of New York City’s Central Park - a city beaming with confidence!).

Moab – Dry desert heat with a bit of spice. This one felt very different to me – no rose or sandalwood, but I liked it. Light and spicy is how I would describe it, picking up notes of clove, vanilla and tonka bean.

Greylocke – Described as reserved, complex; Jay Gatsby at his finest, Greylocke was a bit too peppery for me (at least on my skin and I looooooove masculine scents). It wasn’t overpowering (still unisex and lovely with the scent of bergamot, silver vetiver and sea salt), but I wasn’t digging the pepper notes that lingered after the top and heart notes had vanished.


Hepcat – This is the only scent I didn’t try, but the website describes it as smoky and raw with notes of saffron, black vetiver and tobacco.

Be sure to check out the descriptions of each scent on their site as I found them to be spot on when deciding which scents to pick as a part of my sample kit.

I hope you will find this post helpful and exciting if you love beautiful scents as much as I do!

If you don’t want to order a sample kit, then you can use this link to get $10 off your order - try a candle or order a non-toxic perfume as a gift.

And let me know your favorite non-toxic beauty items in the comment section below. I love checking out new brands!

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