Quick Inspiration : No is a complete sentence.


I love sharing this helpful reminder with clients. It reminds us that at any time, we can say no and not give an explanation.

For example, I can RSVP no to a party and thank them kindly for the invitation, but tell them I can’t come.

This isn’t because I have another engagement — most of the time it’s because I haven’t had enough time to myself or there are other things I want to do.

Woah! There are other things I want to do?!

Yes! I don’t go to everything I’m invited to. Sometimes I want to stay home, cook, work out and just be. #selfcare

Remember, whatever is meant for you can’t pass you by so if you say “no” and the Universe is really nudging you to say “yes”, it will bring the opportunity back around or alter things so you have to go. You can never miss what is for you! #universalfact

Rest, relax and be okay with saying no. It is a complete sentence.

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