What is love? (the best definition I've ever seen :)


“You must love in such a way that the other person feels free.” I love this quote – so powerful, yet a beautiful way to describe love.

But how do we get there? How do we get to a place where the other person feels free?

By simply remembering that love is allowing.


Yes, love is patient, kind, understanding, supportive, strong, but it is all of those things because it is allowing.

Allowing means letting the other person do and be what they need to do – and that applies to everyone, whether it’s a stranger on the street or a family member.

We love them, (and ourselves), by letting them BE.

Allowing is not getting upset or grumbling something under our breath when we hold the door open for someone and they don’t say “thank you”.

Allowing is not thinking anything when they do - or don’t anything.

This doesn’t make you a doormat. This means you aren’t letting them, their actions (or lack of action), get to you --- you are allowing.


Yes, love is the absence of judgment because it is allowing.
+ Love is patient because it is allowing.
+ Love is kind because it is allowing.
+ Love is strong because it is allowing.
+ Love is comforting because it is allowing.

So next time someone doesn’t email you back when they said they would, you can allow or really, trust that it was meant to happen that way (remember, you don’t have to push or force your way through life #itissupposedtobeeasy ). Or perhaps your partner doesn’t take the trash out, you can still ask nicely and state the help you need from them, but allowing means you don’t let things get to you.

You let them be and in this way, they feel supported – free – loved.

And, as always, if you state what you need or desire from someone and don’t get it, you have the choice to stay or to continue to interact with those people.

Once again, you are not a doormat – you are allowed to say no, move, change jobs, end relationships, end contracts etc., but when we love (including ourselves), we allow.


We don’t label anything as “good” or “bad”, we don’t beat ourselves up for eating the whole bag of chips when we know that isn’t the best thing for us.

Why? Because life is a process.

It’s a journey to get back to our natural state, which is love, joy, health & abundance. It is who we truly are ——> Love.

*Psssst - Want to get started on your spiritual journey? (Yeah, it all leads back to that because we are souls with a body not a body with a soul :).

First, you going to have to get quiet and hear
What Your Intuition is Nudging You to Do (and remember, you don’t have to meditate to figure this out — it comes through in quiet moments like the shower or taking your dog for a walk and the guidance is easier than you think).

Then, it’s helpful to know that
Your Next Step is Right Underneath Your Nose — just waiting for you to consciously recognize it :)

And, you can always
reach out for help, but remember, self-care is a part of this too.

Why? Because
self-care aligns you with your true self, which is naturally abundant, healthy, joyful, prosperous and happy. It should never be labeled as “lazy” or “only when we have time for it”.

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Quick Inspiration : No is a complete sentence.