The First Hemp-Derived CBD Eau de Parfum (from the cleanest parfum brand around :)

CBD seem to be in everything from lotion to coffee to dog treats, but what about a parfum with CBD in it?

I had the chance to try the first hemp-derived CBD eau de parfum and the best part? It’s from the cleanest parfum brand around – Heretic Parfum.


The great thing about Heretic is they don’t use any synthetics (not even “safe synthetics”) or aroma-chemicals. Their fragrances are hand-crafted with the same process used by perfumers centuries ago — before synthetics ruled the market.

They also use organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol that is free of chemicals like ethanol. This is important since eau de parfum is about 80% alcohol and what we put on our skin has no filter before it enters our body! I just love this brand (more on their other amazing scents below :)


So what is Dirty Grass like?

Immediately it smells like wet cut grass. It’s sooooo green and fresh, but this only lasts for about 10 minutes*.

After the first few minutes, it then smells like pepper and tangerine. It’s herbaceous and sensual, yet not specific to summer or winter.

I usually like to wait to see how parfums smell throughout the day (after the top and heart notes are released as I’m very sensitive to scents because some things are just too sweet for me), but I liked, no wait, I loooooved Dirty Grass right away.

It was earthy, but not masculine. Grounding, but not harsh. It was very peppery, but didn’t remind me of cooking.

Top Notes: pink pepper, lemon
Heart Notes: violet leaf, galbanum, coriander
Base Note: Hatian vetiver

*Please note this will vary greatly on each person because there are no synthetics, ie what keeps things uniform or consistent. They also seem to fade a bit quicker (which is why I like Dirty Grass — it stays on my skin the longest), but remember, dry skin soaks up scents so make sure you are well moisturized if you feel natural fragrances evaporate too quickly!

And, unlike any other parfum I’ve tried (or essential oils), Heretic’s parfums change so much throughout the day! Just like nature, they evolve, grow, open up.

They are truly divine, healing and a reflection of what heretic means – A nonconformist. How so?

Because in an industry that has almost no regulation, (where “fragrance” can fall under proprietary information, which means a company doesn’t have to list what’s included), Heretic has decided to only use natrually-derived materials (no synthetics or aroma chemicals).


As for the effects of the CBD, I haven’t worn Dirty Grass enough to report back, but CBD is the nonintoxicating component of the cannabis plant (ie marijuana). It has gained popularity because of its anti-inflammatory and calming properties and when absorbed through the skin, it can be immediately used by the body.

If you would like to try Dirty Grass, it is available at Credo Beauty, which has 7 locations across the US and has the largest selection of clean, non-toxic beauty products in the world. You can also order a Discovery Kit from Heretic that lets you pick 4 scents to try.


Here are the scents I’ve tried:

Dirty Mango – I think this is a great summer scent! Spicy and sweet and not very fruity – it’s the perfect unisex summer parfum.

Dirt Fig – A bit too sweet for me after the top notes released, but it’s alluring and sensual. Still rated “R”, it’s a sexy & sweet scent.


Dirty Lemon – Not too citrusy – more peppery with a hint of lavender, this scent is unique and reminds me of the south of France on a warm, warm day. It’s calming, yet energizing and something I can wear year-round.

Smudge – This is another favorite as it smells exactly like palo santo – on your skin – all day long! It’s earthy, woody, ethereal and reminds me of clearing the mind. Love, love, love!

Poltergeist – After the top notes fade away, poltergeist has wonderful leather notes, but not too intense. It’s seductive — in a smoky & smoldering kind of way.

Holi Water – This is exactly what I think of when I think of Holi Festival (check out my blog post on attending or throwing your own Holi Festival), as it’s high vibe, light and energizing.

Yes those are my hands! :) Taken by my good friend, Rene Guerrero of

Yes those are my hands! :) Taken by my good friend, Rene Guerrero of

Dirty Rose – This definitely smells like rose, but it’s light. It’s not overly feminine and I would love to smell this on a guy as rose is the highest vibrational flower.

Florgasm – Developed for those who like more floral scents, florgasm is a wonderful take on a bouquet flowers! It was too light for me and didn’t stay very long on my skin. If you like French tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang (vs citrus, smoky & leather), then this is the scent for you!

You can check out the other parfums at

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